Mayerson Family Foundations
Board of Trustees

Manuel D. Mayerson
Rhoda Mayerson
Arlene B. Mayerson, J.D.
Donna Mayerson, Ph.D.
Frederic H. Mayerson, J.D.
Neal H. Mayerson, Ph.D.
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About Us
We express our identity through our Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles.

The Mayerson Family Foundations actively participate with others who are dedicated to creating communities that are just, caring and respectful – communities in which all people have opportunities to reach their highest aspirations.
The mission of the Mayerson Family Foundations is to invest, not only financial resources but human resources as well, in efforts that are effective, broad reaching, and that are driven by people with a passion for making a significant difference in the areas of interest to the Directors. The Directors seek to play a strategic and catalytic role: a) in the development of new programs, b) in the expansion of existing programs with demonstrated effectiveness, and c) in building the capacity of organizations that implement those programs.

We have deep commitment to Jewish Continuity and building Jewish community by creating opportunities for Jewish people to become connected to Jewish life, the Jewish Community and their spirituality.  We are also dedicated to supporting the inclusion of people with disabilities; addressing social justice and equality issues; encouraging civic engagement; and, nurturing the development of positive character strengths and well-being.

Gary Lee Price
(American, 1955 - )
Ascent, 1986
8 ‘ high
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