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Civic Engagement

 We believe that a shared sense of responsibility for one another is fundamental to human thriving. We support efforts that provide experiences that inspire this value and its behavioral expression – philanthropy.

The following list is a representation of recent grants and projects in the area of Civic Engagement in which The Mayerson Family Foundations are involved.  

Children, Inc.
The Manuel D. and Rhoda Mayerson Foundation provided lead funding to Children, Inc. for the creation of the Mayerson Northern Kentucky Service-Learning Initiative.  The Initiative, now in its fourth year, trains K-8 teachers throughout Northern Kentucky’s three counties about incorporating student service to the community in their academic curricula – a teaching method known as Service-Learning.  Children, Inc., the largest provider of early childhood education and after-school programs in Northern Kentucky, believes that all children have something of value to give back to their community and that when children get in the habit of contributing to their community they become adults who contribute to their community.  In the first three years of the Mayerson Initiative, Children, Inc. has trained over 1,500 teachers in eight school districts to use high quality Service-Learning projects with over 15,000 elementary and middle school students each year.  Some of those projects help to raise funds for local charities; others keep local parks clean, promote recycling, help keep neighborhoods safe, and raise the spirits of those in nursing homes.  Those “Schools of Contribution” are celebrated in annual events that highlight Northern Kentucky’s efforts to become a Community of Contribution.

Give Back Cincinnati
Give Back Cincinnati started in December 2000 with a small group of friends that wanted to give back to their community. Since the first event, that small group of friends has grown to over 3400 members (representing 400 companies) and continues to provide young adults in Cincinnati with an outlet where they can have fun, meet peers, and give back to their community all at the same time.

The Manuel D. and Rhoda Mayerson Foundation provided support to Give Back Cincinnati that allowed them to upgrade their technology and marketing materials as well as start new programs including, IGNITE, a venture fund for new community projects developed by and for young professionals. 

The Mayerson Service-Learning ProgramThis Foundation operated program has, for over 15 years, provided funding, training and technical support to local high schools through a consultative process for the purpose of improving and growing the service-learning experiences of high school students.  Click here for a full program description. 

The Mayerson Student Philanthropy Program at Northern Kentucky University
The seed for the Mayerson Student Philanthropy Project was planted in 1999 during a conversation between Dr. Neal Mayerson, Mayerson Foundation President, and Dr. James C. Votruba, Northern Kentucky University President. Both men shared a passion for finding ways to foster civic responsibility and engagement among college students. At that time the two men agreed to partner on the development and implementation of a new concept - a program integrating philanthropy into the college curriculum - with the hope of advancing the development of competent student-citizens who seek to play vital roles in their community and who are committed to the pursuit of the common good.

Since that time the Foundation has continued to provide annual support to the program to help with administrative expenses, faculty training and program evaluation.  Watch a video about this program.

University of Cincinnati
Service-learning is an innovative way of teaching and learning promoted by the Foundation’s own High School Program and supported through grants to local organizations.  At the University of Cincinnati, the Foundation provided support for the creation of the first office to centralize, coordinate and expand service-learning on campus.  The Office of Academic and Community Partnerships provides faculty training in the use of service-learning; connects faculty with local nonprofit agencies; and supports students who volunteer at agencies as part of their studies.  Engineering students are putting their skills to use in developing assistive technologies for people who use wheelchairs.  Communication majors are creating public relation campaigns for local charities.  Students in Allied Health are serving as speech and audiology therapists in children’s clinics.  As the initiative continues to grow, each of UC’s 3,000 graduating seniors will complete a service-learning capstone project that will be an integral part of their field of study and make a substantial contribution to our community.

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