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Health and Well Being

The Foundation seeks opportunities to support pioneering applications from the emerging field of Positive Psychology and Character Strengths and to increase the capacity of effective organizations to respond to the health needs of clients impacted by the current recession.

 The following is a representation of a recent grant and project in the area of Health & Well-Being in which The Mayerson Family Foundations are involved.

VIA Institute on Character
VIA is a non-profit organization created by the Foundation to catalyze scientific investigation of human character strengths and build evidence based character development practice. It is founded on the belief that a sustained and coordinated scientific effort to understand character will yield tremendous growth in knowledge and practice as most all prior scientific efforts have produced. VIA has produced the preeminent classification of personal character strengths, a manual summarizing what is known to date about the various strengths, and tools for measuring these character strengths in youth and adults. It works to mobilize research on the strengths and to bring awareness of new and promising interventions to youth practitioners, parents, educators, and business people.  The VIA Survey of Character Strengths is offered free online and has been taken by over 1.3 million people worldwide.  It is translated into 17 languages.

Most recently, the Foundation provided support for VIA to upgrade their website and to develop certification courses and other trainings. 
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Jewish Family Services
As an evolving social service agency, Jewish Family Services is redefining and strengthening its role in Cincinnati.  To help the staff better understand their individual strengths of character, to put those strengths to work at the agency and to better align staff strengths with services, JFS sought staff training and development from the VIA Institute on Character, an initiative of the Manuel D. and Rhoda Mayerson Foundation.  With funding from the Mayerson Foundation, a staff training and ongoing individualized coaching program was designed and delivered which resulted in a new work environment where strengths are encouraged, utilized and maximized and where a strengths-based philosophy is operationalized in supervision, coaching and reviews. VIA Institute on Character was founded by the Mayerson Foundation to create a scientifically rigorous classification of character strengths (the VIA Classification) and a way of measuring them (the VIA Survey).  The VIA Classification and Survey are used by psychologists, coaches,  social workers and educators.

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