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Fusion: The Perfect Blending of Backgrounds and Traditions

 This initiative, is designed for families, or couples in committed relationships, in which at least one person recently converted to Judaism, is Jewish and in a relationship with someone considering his or her options for becoming Jewish, or is happy with his or her own religion. Fusion offers a variety of opportunities for involvement, discussion and education and provides an alternative to current interfaith programs in the Jewish community for families who want to meet others like themselves and get a taste of Jewish culture, religion and tradition. Some of the programs of Fusion include:

InFuse Events: Adult’s only events for couples in committed relationships. These free programs give participants a hands-on chance to experience Jewish holidays and traditions and meet new friends.

Fusion Family: Engaging events for blended families who want to have fun and learn more about Jewish holidays and customs.

Fusion Parent: A chance for parents in blended families to hear from speakers and panel members and participate in parenting classes, workshops and more

New Traditions: Six free ritual items which are sent throughout the course of one year, most of which align with the most significant Jewish holidays and include a Cut the ConFUSION Step-by-Step Guide pertaining to each item.

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