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Shalom Family

This program is geared for young families who are either weakly engaged in Jewish life, or weakly connected to the Jewish community. Because this stage of life represents a critical time in which young parents are making choices about their family’s Jewish involvement, Shalom Family offers a variety of opportunities for greater connection, they include:

Shalom Family Events: Free events for families with children five and under (sometimes 7 and under) these events attract hundreds of people every other month and take place at some of the most popular, family-friendly venues in Greater Cincinnati.

MeTime: A Fun Free-Time: Simultaneously planned programs allowing Moms to enjoy a “guilt-free” get-away, while Dad and the Kids participate in a special event designed just for them. Events are free and take place six times a year and give parents the opportunity to have their own get-away every other time.

MeTime: Parent’s Nite Out: Adults only social events and programs geared toward young parents in the Jewish community. Events are free of charge.

Project Spark: Six free ritual items made available to families with children under the age of five in which at least one parent is Jewish. These “no strings attached” gifts are sent over a two year period and include a booklet with facts, suggestions for use, helpful hints, and creative activities pertaining to each item.

Shalom Baby: New baby starter kits sent for free to young families who have recently welcomed a new addition. They include books for the parent and baby and other useful items for new parents.

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