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The Arts

Art plays an important role in civilized society. We are interested in supporting established institutions, arts education, patronage, and the development of talented artists.

The following list is a representation of recent grants and projects in the area of The Arts in which The Mayerson Family Foundations are involved.  

Greater Cincinnati Arts & Education Center
The Greater Cincinnati Arts & Education Center (GCAEC) is leading a groundb
reaking collaboration of constituents—parents, teachers, corporations, arts organizations, philanthropists, Cincinnati Public Schools, the State of Ohio, the City of Cincinnati, urban development organizations, and other committed citizens across Greater Cincinnati—to develop the design and standards for programming excellence, and to provide the necessary funding for construction and ongoing support to create a state of the art K-12 Arts school. Furthermore, by uniting public and private donors as “partners,” this project offers an innovative way for the community to improve its schools, revitalize its urban core, enhance its national reputation and elevate its collective pride.

The Manuel D. and Rhoda Mayerson Foundation has partnered with the GCAEC on the capital project and has created an "Artistic Excellence Fund" to support world class educational programming, instruction and experiences for qualified students.

The Mayerson Foundation Gallery - This Foundation operated program offers an extraordinary exhibit of paintings, prints, sculpture and ceramics by some of the masters of Modern Art to art students and other community members.  Click here for a full program description. 

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