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Mayerson Academy Merges with VIA Institute on Character

The two organizations, both founded by Neal Mayerson, have decided to combine their strengths.
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"We must build a new world, a far better world - one in which the eternal dignity of a man is respected."

-Harry S. Truman

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"What is honored in a society is cultivated there."

- Plato

Manuel D. & Rhoda Mayerson Foundation

The Mayerson Family Foundations are dedicated to creating communities that are just, caring and respectful – communities in which marginalized populations are empowered and all people have opportunities to seek their highest aspirations.

Areas of Interest

In recent years the Mayerson Family Foundations have become more focused and, while continuing to keep an eye out for new opportunities, have developed key strategies for each of its areas of work. These areas are:

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Our geographic focus is in the Greater Cincinnati area with limited grant making in other areas where our Trustees reside and at the initiative of those Trustees.