Areas of Interest

In recent years The Mayerson Foundation has become more focused and, while continuing to keep an eye out for new opportunities, has developed key strategies for each of its areas of work.

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The Arts

Art plays an important role in civilized society. We are interested in supporting established institutions, arts education, patronage, and the development of talented artists. Explore this section for a representation of recent grants and projects in the area of The Arts in which The Mayerson Foundation is involved.

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Basic Needs- Pots cooking on Stove

Basic Needs

Human thriving can occur after basic needs for food, shelter, and safety are secured. We try to find niche areas of support in this extremely large arena of need, with a focus on increasing capacity of key organizations that meet these needs.

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Civic Engagement -Children with hands in the Air

Civic Engagement

We believe that a shared sense of responsibility for one another is fundamental to human thriving. We support efforts that provide experiences that inspire this value and its behavioral expression – philanthropy.

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Mural Depicting Violin


A quality education is a critical element in the success of every child.  We aim to support innovative projects that provide leveraged solutions to key issues related to education reform such as professional development.  

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Health - Woman holding Kindness Sign

Health and Wellness

We seek to support pioneering applications from the emerging field of Positive Psychology and Character Strengths and to increase the capacity of effective organizations to respond to the health needs of clients.

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Inclusion of People with Disabilites

We aim to improve the lives of people with disabilities by supporting efforts that promote inclusion and that empower people with disabilities towards self-sufficiency.

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In the ever-expanding melting pot in which we live, we believe there is still much value in retaining ethnic identity as a way to preserve cultural diversity. Focusing on our family’s own rich heritage, we recognize the importance of supporting efforts that foster the continuity of a vibrant Jewish culture and that help people who are weakly engaged in Jewish life and the Jewish community strengthen their sense of meaning and connection in a way that’s comfortable for them. 

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