Activation Funding Guidelines

At the Manuel D. & Rhoda Mayerson Foundation, we are committed to creating just, caring, and respectful communities.  We are interested in initiatives that are innovative and encourage community and client input in determining goals and strategies; initiatives that build connections between people and/or organizations based on strengths & assets; initiatives that strengthen self-determination towards positive aspirational goals.

We aim to help those who are infusing greater levels of humanity, justice, temperance, transcendence, courage, and wisdom into individuals and communities within any of our stated areas of interest.  Nonprofits who wish to apply for Activation Funding might ask:

  • How can/(are) the strengths of character, interest, talent, or resources of the population you serve be activated to further your nonprofit mission?
  • Can the strengths of the population you serve be leveraged in new ways, or elevated to inspire others’ strengths?
  • How are the people you serve empowered to pursue their highest aspirations?

More specifically, the Mayerson Foundation is looking to identify & support nonprofits who are helping individuals thrive in the following ways:

  • Involving clients (individuals, communities, or neighborhoods) in determining their aspirations and plans for how to achieve them;
  • Taking special effort to identify existing strengths in individuals and the community and deliberately using those strengths towards achieving goals;
  • Bringing clients to a point of greater self-sufficiency to address ongoing difficulties without needing continuous help from the organization;
  • Helping clients make meaningful connections that enhance self-sufficiency, and impart meaningful belonging.

We prefer to review proposals that are in line with the above Activation Funding guidelines and who think that Mayerson Foundation involvement and funding of up to $50,000 will play a critical role.

The application cycle is currently closed. Online proposals were due March 15.

If your current needs do not fall within an Activation Funding grant, but still fits within the areas of interest, please contact us.