How to Apply for a Mayerson Grant

We appreciate your interest in the Manuel D. & Rhoda Mayerson Foundation. If you would like to contact us regarding something other than an application, please contact us at The Mayerson Foundation. To find out more about our Application Procedures, please read the following Eligibility Statement.


Grants are awarded to nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations as defined by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, to organizations that are public charities under Section 509(a)(1),(2), or (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and to those that comply with the requirement of Section 4945(d)(3) or (4) of the Code. The Foundation does not make grants in support of any non-charitable purpose or to organizations that promote racial, ethnic or religious disharmony, hatred or violence.

We focus our resources and efforts in areas with which we are very familiar and/or have relationships with trusted partners, or where there is a unique intersection of one or more of the following areas of interest: Judaism, Health and Well-being, Basic Needs, Inclusion, Civic Engagement, The Arts.

Our geographic focus is in the Greater Cincinnati area with Limited grant making in other areas where our Trustees reside and at the initiative of those Trustees.

Uninvited applications for support are not accepted. We recommend an initial conversation with our Grants Officer, Jeff Seibert, at 513-621-7500 or to help determine basic eligibility. A Letter of Intent (LOI) to apply may follow. The LOI provides prospective applicants with the opportunity to describe the scope of their proposal including evidence of proven effectiveness and the reason they believe the proposal aligns with Mayerson funding interests. An LOI may result in an invitation to submit a full proposal; it may result in additional dialogue, or a declination to consider the proposal further.