Building a Strong Cincinnati

Strong Cincinnati is an evidence-based program to become a strengths-based organization that is offered free of charge as a result of the generosity of our philanthropic community.

It has the following elements:

  1. The Strong Cincinnati Institute is a five-session program that is an engaging, cohort-based learning experience that helps individuals and teams uncover their strengths and create systems that promote a positive culture shift within their organization. Throughout the Institute, participants build deeper relationships with their colleagues and connect with like-minded leaders from across the city as they build the capacity to create positive change through strengths. Think of it this way: the Strong Cincinnati Institute sets you and your team up to do your best possible work and to achieve the outcomes that matter to you.
  2. Individualized Coaching support is offered to all Institute participants to help them customize their learning to each particular work setting.
  3. The Strong Cincinnati Learning Network is comprised of all Institute alumni that are continuing to advance their know-how regarding leveraging their strengths and creating a more positive work environment.  Participants meet regularly and continue their learning process while strengthening professional relationships with peers.

Join others in making Cincinnati the world leader in putting strengths to work for a better community.

To learn more about Strong Cincinnati, check out The Mayerson Academy.