Vaadia, Rosenquist, Stanczak


Space Dust - A painting by James Rosenquist

Space Dust – A painting by James Rosenquist

Three prominent artists – each represented in the Mayerson Art Gallery – passed away in March & April of 2017.  Boaz Vaadia was an Israeli-born sculptor.  One of his stacked stone sculptures is located in Neal Mayerson’s office and was a present from Neal’s parents.  Julian Stanczak, known for his brightly colored Op-art paintings (optical illusions), lost the use of his right arm while in a concentration camp in Siberia during WWII.  He re-learned to paint using his left hand while in a refugee camp.  His beautiful triptych (3-part painting) is in the lobby at 312 Walnut St.  Julian is the creator the largest outdoor mural in Cincinnati which adorns a parking garage across the street from the Contemporary Arts Center on 6th St.  James Rosenquist was a billboard sign painter who brought elements of his work into the realm of fine art helping to define the Pop Art Movement along with his contemporaries, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, who are also represented in the Mayerson Collection.  Rosenquist’s “Space Dust” print in the lobby of the Mayerson’s 36th floor office and is pictured here.  The sharpened pencils and clock hands appear to urge us all to boldly go forth into the unknown.